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Monday, 26 July 2010

The Bearded Man & Gabe the Great Speak. . .

The storytellers of Society Theory present a new series of short docs entitled Grand Master Citizens. Focusing on people that have transcended cool and dictate the trends and growth of their respective fields.

This episode brings you the story behind the instant classic folks at The Brooklyn Circus. Shot in their SF location during their anniversary event, Ouigi Theodore aka The Bearded Man and Gabe Garcia aka Gabe the Great take you behind the real inspiration and driving force of their movement. Their take on vintage styling, crafted detailing, and outside the box approach have helped to redefine world of urban style and have transcended the sphere of 'streetwear.'

The circus is in town and here is your invitation to peek behind the curtain and get a look at the ring masters in charge of the new (r)evolution in urban.

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