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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Video: LA Ice Cream Sandwich Meet-Up

Johnny Cupcakes
LA Ice Cream Sandwich Meet-Up

JC decided to have a random meet up in Los Angeles. Simple– you show up with a Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt on, and he treats you to a homemade ice cream sandwich at the one and only Diddy Riese. 300+ Johnny Cupcakers showed up and had snack attacks throughout the evening. Having these fun community events to show his appreciation to his customers is probably his favorite thing to do. This video captures some of the memories – hope you enjoy! Follow him on twitter to find out about upcoming meet ups in your area!.......Sadly its only in America :(

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Some news that S&M are excited by!

The Libertines reunite for 2010 Reading And Leeds Festivals – exclusive first interview

The Libertines are set to reunite to play at the Reading And Leeds Festivals this year, they have toldNME.COM.
Pete Doherty, Carl Barat, John Hassall and Gary Powell will reconvene to play second from top of the bill at the August 27-29 event – their first full gigs as a band since the 2004 split.

The group will perform at Leeds on the Friday (August 27) of the festival, before headliners
Arcade Fire. They will play in Reading on the Saturday (28).

"We're reforming the band to play the songs that people want to hear,"Barat told NME.COM. "We're going to get together, play songs which have been collecting dust in the garage. People want to hear them, so we’re going to give them a run. We'll be playing them like we’re playing them for the last ever time."
Pete Doherty added: "I can’t really believe it yet. I haven’t quite digested it. It’s been a bit of a pipe dream."

Watch a video interview with the band – the first since reforming – on the right now and get this week's issue of NME, on UK newsstands from Wednesday (March 31), for the exclusive comeback interview with
The Libertines.

To check the availability of
Reading And Leeds Festivals tickets and get all the latest listings, go toNME.COM/TICKETS now, or call 0871 230 1094.

Brand RMX : EPISODE 2 pt 1 & 2

"GOOD TO GREAT" : How little things can make a big difference...

"Good to Great" (Brand RMX Episode 2) gives us a glimpse into Jeff Staple's foundations and work ethic from his early design career at Rawkus Records in the mid 90's to his becoming one of the most influential people in street culture today.

In addition to being the founder and the Creative Director of Staple Design (Reed Space, Nike, LVMH, Levi's, Sony, Kia Soul) since 1997, Jeff Staple is also the owner of the Reed Space shops which can be found in New York and Tokyo.

In this conversation, Staple manages to inspire through his wisdom and attention to detail while not coming off as being preachy.

It's all about the small details!

Cool Cats - Season 4 | Part 1

Cool Cats   Season 4 | Part 1

Parisian brand, Cool Cats, has just launched the lookbook featuring Part 1 of their Season 4 Collection. The collection includes a variety of t-shirts and hats for both men and women with the graphics being designed by Gaspard Augé and So-Me. The lookbook was photographed by Amaury Choay. Various items from the Cool Cats Season 4 Collection are available now via the Cool Cats Online Store. viaMichael La MJC

Cool Cats   Season 4 | Part 1

Cool Cats   Season 4 | Part 1

Cool Cats   Season 4 | Part 1

Cool Cats   Season 4 | Part 1

Cool Cats   Season 4 | Part 1

Cool Cats   Season 4 | Part 1

Cool Cats   Season 4 | Part 1

Cool Cats   Season 4 | Part 1

Saint48 X PRPLMNT - Wood Bezel G-Shock Watch

Saint48 x PRPLMNT   Wood Bezel G Shock Watch

Wood might not be as shiny, but it is just as attention grabbing in the accessories world ever since Good Wood won people over with the wooden Jesus necklaces. Taking the use of nature’s best resource to the next level, Saint48 and PRPLMNT came together to customize your favorite Casio with a wooden shell in a collaborative venture called Wood Shock. These Wood Shock wood bezel watches are 100% hand and laser crafted. In terms of silhouette, Wood Shock’s chunky appearance resembles the G-Shock DW6600 and it comes with technical functions such as an auto-calendar, backlight, alarm multi-function, stopwatch and a countdown timer. Sure these might not be shock resistant and the wood might chip if abused (please do not attempt to freeze the watch in a block of ice and drop it from a 5-story building as you might do with a G-Shock), but it will sure win curious glances from other fellow G-Shock lovers. If you are interested in Wood Shock, these are made to order and you can place your order online at

Saint48 x PRPLMNT   Wood Bezel G Shock Watch
Saint48 x PRPLMNT   Wood Bezel G Shock Watch

Saint48 x PRPLMNT   Wood Bezel G Shock Watch

OriginalFake X MEDICOM TOY - KAWS Dissected Companion BE@RBRICK T-Shirt

OriginalFake x MEDICOM TOY   KAWS Dissected Companion BE@RBRICK T Shirt
Perhaps OriginalFake is aware of how much some toy collectors love the Dissected Companion BE@RBRICK by KAWS and simply looking at the toy isn’t quite enough, so the label released a grey Dissected Companion BE@RBRICK tee for those with love to wear the exposed heart proudly on a tee. The tonal OriginalFake tee follows the grey theme of the newly released grey Dissected Companion featuring the toy on the front in a muted grey outline and the OriginalFake logo in the back in a similarly faded grey. Whether you want to add something more to your OriginalFake Be@rbrick collection or is simply more of a tee than a toy person, the tee is now available for purchase through colette.

OriginalFake x MEDICOM TOY   KAWS Dissected Companion BE@RBRICK T Shirt
OriginalFake x MEDICOM TOY   KAWS Dissected Companion BE@RBRICK T Shirt
OriginalFake x MEDICOM TOY   KAWS Dissected Companion BE@RBRICK T Shirt


If you’ve ever had fantasies of tagging your neighborhood or local subway but haven’t had the nerve, then Esslack Food Spray may be just your thing. Thanks to the very clever German team, The Deli Garage, you can now stain your tomato, pretzels, and whatever other food screams out to be covered in gold (and isn’t the list endless?) Using these fresh spray cans full of edible silver and gold paint, food goes from ordinary to bling in seconds.

The Deli Garage — which helps local manufacturers turn quality delicacies into specially designed products — paired with creative agency Korefe to dream up the illustrative packaging for Esslack. Though busy, the vibe is as fresh as the concept of edible food spray itself. Now tag that.

Chester French - "Ciroc Star"

National Museum of Qatar by Jean Nouvel

French architect Jean Nouvel has unveiled his design for the new National Museum of Qatar.

The museum will comprise a series of interlocking discs of varying dimensions and curvatures, which will form walls, ceilings, floors and terraces.

This new structure will be built around an existing palace.

Embodying the pride and traditions of Qatar’s people while offering international visitors a dialogue about rapid change and modernization, the National Museum of Qatar will be the setting for a program in which entire walls become cinematic displays, “sonorous cocoons”, shelter oral-history presentations and hand-held mobile devices guide visitors through thematic displays of the collection’s treasures. Though built around an historic structure, the Fariq Al Salatah Palace, which had served as a museum of heritage since 1975, the National Museum of Qatar is conceived and designed as a thoroughly new institution, in keeping with the high aspirations that animate QMA.

B.o.B - "I'll be in the Sky"

Our Thought’s of the Day

Home sweet Home

The transition between places can be seen as insane sometimes, from spending months at a time at university and then travelling back home, we really do forget the value of home joys and what they bring for many people. As we all travelled back to our home towns of London and Northampton, Mr Frappé and Akapello being from London decided to visit their Home based clothing manufacture and took a journey around London. These are exciting times as we are taking our first steps on our 1000 mile journey, in which we intend to produce full range clothing lines (Doesn't mean we can't shake a leg on the way).

Mr Frappé


Our Journey around London, well.... part of it any way

Day in the Manufacturers Workshop...

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Thursday, 25 March 2010

That Wednesday.....As they say time isn't wasted when your getting wasted lol

Frappé got upset. Eski-messy

Collage of beauty...

This is how it was done: They shot the video on a white sound stage. Edited it on Final Cut Pro. Then printed out over 3,000 frames onto paper. Then every frame was hand torn by a team of 8 people. From there they animated the frames, photographing each frame with a digital camera, and then imported it back into Final Cut Pro. The backgrounds are also paper collages they took digital stills of and keyed in after animation. It was a process and a half! Enjoy.

Behind the scenes:

Wednesday, 24 March 2010




'Augmented reality (AR) is a term for a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are merged with (or augmented by) virtual computer-generated imagery - creating a mixed reality'

Mr Frappe Himself

Lil Simmons, Rap royalties child

All we can say is.... wow!

One of our all time favourites...

Dont we all want to just be like johnny cupcakes.....

Maestro Knows - Episode 6 (Johnny Cupcakes) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

In this episode Maestro stops into Boston via Los Angeles and visits his friend Johnny Cupcakes. Tune in to see some of your favorite arcade games & witness firsthand the amazing Johnny Cupcakes legacy....history in the making.

This is the S...T.

Logorama from Marc Altshuler - Human Music on Vimeo.

This is a short film that was directed by the French animation collective H5, François Alaux, Hervé de Crécy + Ludovic Houplain. It was presented at the Cannes Film Festival 2009. It opened the 2010 Sundance Film Festival and won a 2010 academy award under the category of animated short.

In this film there are two pieces of licensed music, in the beginning and in the end. All the other music and sound design are original. The opening track (Dean Martin "Good Morning Life") and closing track (The Ink Spots "I don't want to send the world on fire") songs are licensed pre-existing tracks. All original music and sound design is by, human (

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

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Don't press the 3...

"Ah! So I'm at the bottom am I?"


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